About our agency

Short Story About Our Company

OJ Media was formed on strong foundations of love of digital marketing and its effectiveness in business, and the desire to provide massive value to our clients.

Digital Marketing can be so effective when done right, we have spent the last 20 years generating leads and selling products in multiple industries.

At OJ Media we know customer service. We love providing more value than our client expects, communication is the key to our success.

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    Jan, 1997
    Foundation of the Company

    We started generating leads in the hotel and travel industry for an American company in Bangkok that later got bought out by agoda.com. At that point things were pretty simple and there was really only 1 job - webmaster.

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    Jan, 2005
    Years in Multiple Industries

    Currently + for years to come we spent our time operating as a stand alone unit in and out of various industries, from cosmetic surgery through to property investment and mental health as a stand alone unit. Generating leads in financially regulated industries and building e-commerce solutions for multiple SMEs. 

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    Jan, 2014
    OJ Media was Formed

    OJ Media was formed to grow our business. We had operated through word of mouth without the need for a website for many years.

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    Jan, 2018
    Our new Website Launched

    After much deliberation and attempts at perfection, we realised we are our own worst critics, and agreed to launch our website. 

We Work for Your Profit

No one likes to work without satisfaction. We get our job fulfilment by making your business successful
Excellent Support
Excellent Support
Rapid response to your questions, and support with your projects while you are our client. Making sure we are on the same page.
Awesome Team
Awesome Team
We have a strong team that have been working together building businesses for many years and our work flows.
Amazing Results
Amazing Results
Great communication coupled with awesome skills are like a well oiled machine, they run smoothly and produce the desired outcomes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide massive value and achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We do this by picking our clients carefully, keeping our side of the street clean and applying our advanced knowledge to your marketing campaigns.
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